Class Topics



Class Assignments
  • Begin work on Land Use Project
  • For class on Thursday.....
  1. Select the photograph you will be using for this project. 
  2. Get it approved (I will do this before and after class today and on Tuesday)
  3. Save the APPROVED photograph to your machine. I recommend saving a copy on your USB key (purchase one!) and also save in your SPAM folder in the lab.
  4. Name your file lastname.jpg.... or if you have already put it into Photoshop, lastname.psd... so if your name is Suzie Smith, your file will be saved as smith.jpg....or smith.psd
    1. NOTE:  If you have a commen last name (ie HUNT, SMITH, JONES) please add your first initial to the saved file!!.
  5. Drop a copy of your photo into the 2840 DROP Folder on the SPAM drive. 

NOTE:  The 2840 DROP folder is a "one way" folder.  Once you "drop" your cannot get it back.  So please make sure you drop the correct file.

If you have forgotten how to "map the drive" to get to the spam folder ---click HERE


Class Readings

(Note: Red Colored Titles are on Blackboard and Blue Colored Titles are direct links to article or website.