Class Topics

  • Exams will be returned on Thursday
  • ArcMap-2
    • Add layers to an ArcMap document
    • Classify and symbolize spatial data
    • Create a definition query
    • Label features
    • Save layer properties to a layer file
  • Labs 3,4 and 5 will be posted on Blackboard by the end of the week. Consider downloading them and getting ahead of schedule by completing the labs over T-Day break.



Class Assignments
  • Complete Lab #2 -(on Blackboard)
    • Lab #2 GIS Concepts
    • The above concept "map" graphically identifies the concepts being taught in the lab. Take a look at these maps after you do the labs to make sure you have mastered all the concepts.



Class Readings

(Note: Red Colored Titles are on Blackboard and Blue Colored Titles are direct links to article or website.

  • Carefully look over GIS Readings 1 and 2. I suggest looking at the reading...then do the lab....then go back and review the reading again.