Class Topics


    • PART 1 -WRITTEN FINAL EXAM - 50 pts
      Your final today focuses entirely on material found in class readings and lab exercises.
    • GIS TERM study list
    • PART II -TAKE HOME FINAL - 50 pts
      You will need to download two files for the take home portion of your final from Blackboard
      • Part A - Directions ---
      • Part B - Data ------
        • Note: the data has been "zipped". Save the file to some location...and OPEN FOLDER...then right click to EXTRACT wherever you want the folder of data to be stored.
      • Note: Both Directions and Data will be online at 9am on Friday, Dec. 11.



Class Assignments
  • You must turn in (drop into the class folder) the take home portion of the final exam no later than 5pm on Friday, Dec. 18th.
  • All "drops" will be time points will be deducted for late projects.



Class Readings

(Note: Red Colored Titles are on Blackboard and Blue Colored Titles are direct links to article or website.

  • After Dec. 18th..... read anything you want! Enjoy your break!!!