Class Topics

  • GPS -II
    • GeoCaching!!!!
      • GEO refers to locations on earth
      • CACHING refers to finding a hidden "treasure"

      Once a geocacher (You!) finds a cache, you need to follow these basic rules:
      1. fill out the logbook
      2. take something out of the cache
      3. put something in the cache
      4. return the cache to the exact position and condition in which it was found.  Caches typically consist of a waterproof container discreetly placed within the local terrain. The container will include a logbook and any number of more or less valuable items such as toys, books, money, jewelry, trinkets, etc. You never know what the founder or other visitors of the cache may have left for you to enjoy. Be sure to fill out the logbook with the date and time you visit the cache and leave something in return

Class Assignments
  • Find TWO GPS caches using the website
  • Fill out this FORM and turn in before 9/25/09. (10 points) GPS units can be checked out from the Geography main office (Stewart Rm 8). Email to reserve a unit.
  • QUIZ on Thursday (UTM).  Please bring your Columbia Maps, Your UTM Coordinate Reader and a calculator.



Class Readings

(Note: Red Colored Titles are on Blackboard and Blue Colored Titles are direct links to article or website.

  • Garmin eTrexLegend Manual and Reference guide
    • NOTE: THE ABOVE MANUAL IS 76 PAGES LONG. Do Not Print it out!!!!! Select the individual pages you need and print them individually. Note: This guide will also be included with the GPS unit when you check it out.
  • Truly Amazing Stories- GPS adventures range from meeting personal challenges to surviving life-threatening situations to saving lives.