Class Topics

  • QUIZ TODAY!!! (UTM). Please bring your Columbia Maps, Your UTM Coordinate Reader and a calculator.
  • GPS Software Introduction
    • Software "tour"
    • Uploading and Downloading Waypoints and Routes
    • Changing Units (Lat/Long--UTM)
  • Differential GPS - Base Station Locations
    • Real-time differential correction,
    • Reprocessing real-time data
    • Postprocessing
  • GPS Accuracy
Class Assignments
  • GeoCashing Assignment Due Sept. 25th!
    • Find TWO GPS caches using the website
      * Fill out this FORM and turn in before 9/25/09. (10 points) GPS units can be checked out from the main office. Email to reserve a unit.)

Class Readings

(Note: Red Colored Titles are on Blackboard and Blue Colored Titles are direct links to article or website.