A Summer Day

It was a great summer day!  The air was cool but felt warm on my back as I loaded firewood onto the pickup truck.  There was some maple, pine, and oak, but most of the wood was white birch.  After loading the truck we drove home on the dirt track that led out of the woods.

It is my job to stack firewood neatly in the shed next to our corn silos.  I also have to make sure that our herd of guernsey's is fed each night.  After I finish my chores, I am heading to the fishing pond to see what I can catch for dinner.


A.  33° N Latitude, 112° W Longitude

B.  47° N Latitude, 105° W Longitude

C.  44° N Latitude, 89° W Longitude

D.  28° N Latitude, 82° W Longitude