Class Topics

    • Rural Cemeteries: location; setting; changes in philosophy of death (from Sloane- Chapter 3)
    • "Gatherings from Graveyards": Historical Look at Cemeteries and Public Heath Issues

    • From Research Topic to Research Question
    • Francaviglia, R. The Cemetery as an Evolving Cultural Landscape. Paper layout, organization, purpose. This paper is on Blackboard. Bring a paper or digital (pdf) copy to use in class today.

Class Assignments

  1. Re-read chapters 3 and 4 in The Craft of Research
  2. Write a RESEARCH QUESTION you are interested in studying using the methodology we used in class. It should begin with....I am studying....
  3. Write a PURPOSE STATEMENT based upon the material in your research question.
  4. Send both your question and statement (in a single word document) as an email attachement to Dr. Ludwig no later than 8am Tuesday, Feb. 16th. Use Cemetery as your email subject and lastnameQuestion.doc as the document name.
  5. Also, please BRING A PAPER COPY OF THIS ASSIGNMENT to class on Tuesday, Feb. 16.

Class Readings

  • Sloane: Chapter 4: An American Resting Place pages 65 - 95.
  • Reread Craft of Research, Chapters 3 and 4 to help you with your assignment.
  • Serious Material!