Class Topics

  • Visit Missouri Historical Society 3:30-4:30pm
    • WHY: Tto learn what resources they may have to help you with your research.
    • WHERE: The Historical Society is located in Ellis Library- But you need to enter off of either Hitt Street or Lowry Mall. You cannot get to this facility from inside the regular library. Look for MO Historical Library signs outside.
  • Annotated Bibliography

Class Assignments

    • ORGANIZE YOUR ARTICLES/BOOKS with the BEST article listed first and the next best listed second....etc.
    • Each article/book must list the bibliographic entry at the top of the page followed by your analysis.
    • Note: You must have a minimum of 5 articles/books. A few more will help you in the "long" run.
    • Bring TWO PAPER COPIES to class next week. One to hand in and one to use in class.

Class Readings

  • None! Instead focus on doing your annotated bibliography.