Class Topics


Class Assignments

  • Introduction- Revise and Resubmit
  • Literature Review- Prepare a DETAILED outline of your Lit. Review. Use the "Relatedness" exercise we did in class to help you. Your outline should have major headings and subheadings. All sections of your outline should list the articles you will use for supporting evidence in each section. If you have empty sections......extend your literature search of databases and locate additional articles to fill these "holes". Bring two paper copies of this outline to class next week---One to hand in and one to use in class.

Class Readings

  • Sloane: Chapter 5,Retreat from Sentimentality. pp 99-127.
  • The Craft of Research, Chapter 5 From Problems to Sources pg. 68-83 and Chapter 6: Engaging Sources: pp 84-101. [NOTE: We have discussed much of Chapter 5 already. Focus on section describing Primary and Secondary sources of information. Chapter 6 discusses how to locate and integrate secondary sources--which is excellent information for writing your literature review].
  • ANXIOUS about this paper? page 101 in Craft of Research. It gives excellent advice.