May 6th DEADLINE!!! - All Columbia Plot Maps and Data emailed to Dr. Ludwig

o    All plot maps must be in Photoshop format (.psd).

o    Name plot maps using the plot number and name on the basemap

§   For example the Batterton plot file would be named “Batterton121.psd”

§   Excel data files should be named using your group number.  Check HERE for groups and numbers.

§   All files (plot maps and data) should be placed into a FOLDER and named using your group number.

§   If you know how….zip….the folder and attach to an email and send to me.

§   If you don’t know how to zip (compress) your folder, try sending it to me either as one attachment or as many attachments TO ONE EMAIL.

§   If you have problems, email me!

§   I also will accept this data on a CD or if you stop by my office (email to be sure I will be there) you can move the data over from your jump drive.

o    I will FIELDCHECK your data over the weekend.  If I find errors, you will have to resubmit your data with all your errors fixed.  Each time this happens your grades will drop.

o   TEAM EVALUATION SHEET - You will complete an evaluation sheet for other members of your group.  These forms will be completed during our final class session (May 4).