• Annotated Bibliography - Final Directions--Post-Mortum
  • Research Question Development
  • Concept Maps
    • A concept map is similar to a flowchart but it not only shows ideas…but also visually maps the relationships between them.
    • The more you can use both system of representation (linguistic and non-lingustic) the better you are able to think about and see relationships.
  • Concept Mapping A
  • Concept Mapping B





  • Write a Research Question/Problem for your study
    • See Leedy- page 53.
  • Create a Concept Map for your study
    • Using Inspiration software prepare a CONCEPT MAP of your research project.
    • Have a transparency made of your concept map and be prepared to present it in class next week.
    • Include your research paragraph/statement on this map (either top or bottom)


      • * Note about Inspiration: It is on all PC and Macintosh computers in the MU public Labs. I received the following instructions about using this software:
        * If a workstation does not have the icon for START > CURRICULAR SOFTWARE> Inspiration, instruct your students to click on INSTALL PROGRAMS from the desktop or 1. More Programs from the CURRICULAR SOFTWARE folder.
        * This will launch a separate window that contains icons for all available software on the machine. Click on the INSTALL Inspiration icon to distribute the software to the local machine. When the installation is complete, the program will launch and a shortcut to the application will be placed at START > CURRICULAR SOFTWARE.
        * Only the first student using the program at a particular machine will be required to launch it. Subsequent students will find the program by going to START > CURRICULAR SOFTWARE.
        * Posters describing this process have been placed on the walls of all Computing Sites to help communicate these changes to the students. If you or your students need assistance, please visit one of the on-duty Consultants or phone 771-SITE. We appreciate your help in communicating these changes to students during this time of transition as IAT Services attempts to improve the experience of Faculty and Students in the Computing Sites.







  • Leedy - Chapter 3: The Problem: The Heart of the Research Project