Class Topics

  • Basic GIS Concepts
  • Crime Mapping and Geographic Profiling

Class Assignments

  • Crime Analysis in America
    • Download file and use Stuffit to uncompress the file- Click HERE to download dataset ( NOTE: This file is almost 6mgs!
      • When you unstuff the file, you should have the following files/folders:projects
        docs - This folder contains the lessons in pdf format
        crimeanalysis3.apr - NOTE: This is the ArcView Project file.
  • We will work on CP1-Exercise 1 - Crime Analysis in class today. Hopefully some of you can progress through Exercise 2 and Exercise 3.
  • Two things you need to do before you begin (if you are on a Mac)
    1. Before you begin these exercises, you need to make sure the EXTENSIONS are all checked (turned on)
      Go to FILE-->EXTENSIONS and check them!
    2. You also should remember to check the memory allocation before you begin. Allocate as much memory to ArcView as possible
      To do this find the program icon (you need the actual program...not an alias) Click once on the icon to highlight it. Hold down the "apple key" (next to the space bar) and then press the letter i. A box will come up with information about the program. Click on the bar that tells general information...another option will appear called MEMORY. Open that and reset the memory. I suggest a minimum setting of 30000 for required and 50000 for optimal.
  • If you get to Exercise 3 and are working on a Mac-- you will not have a BUFFER WIZARD-- instead, you need to follow the following instructions:

Class Readings

Waters, J., "The Geography of Crime", Mercator's World, Sept/Oct., 1998, pp 46-51.