Class Topics

Introduction to Map Types

Learning to Think Spatially

Choropleth Mapping

Qualitative vs Quantitative Data

Classification Methodology

Class Assignments


  1. Make a Choropleth Map using Quantitative Data
  • Outline Maps
  • Data Line
  • Color Schemes
  • Map, data and data division line are to be STAPLED together in the following order:
    1. Map- (Don't forget to put your name on it)
    2. Data Set you used to make the map
    3. Data Division Line showing how you classified your data

Place in the assignment box the beginning of class on Tuesday:


Class Readings

  • Tufte, E.R. "Graphical Excellence" in The Visual Display of Quantitative Information, Graphics Press, 1983, pp 13-27.
  • Campbell, J. "Qualitative and Quantitative Information" in Map Use and Analysis, McGraw-Hill, 2001, pp 162-179.