Finding UTM Coordinates on USGS Topographic Maps

In class, you were introduced to UTM Coordinates and use of the UTM Coordinate Reader. After making a transparency of the "Reader", locate the following items on the

Columbia, MO 7.5 minute Topographic Map.

If you have trouble finding these names on the map, I suggest you use the Geographic Names Information System (GNIS)

1. 50 yard line of Memorial Stadium ________________________

2. Center of Stephen’s Lake _______________________________

3. KOMU Radio Tower __________________________________

4. Hinkson Creek Cemetery _______________________________


5. What Features are found at the following coordinates?

561,635 mE; 4,307,560 mN, Zone 15 _____________________________

562,90 0mE, 4,315,180 mN Zone 15 ______________________________




Answers will be posted HERE on Sunday.