Buffer Instructions for ArcView 3.0a (Macintosh)

1. Make the Pawnshop theme active.
2. Click on the table icon in the toolbar to open the pawnshop attribute table. Select all the items in the table by going to EDIT-->SELECT ALL.
3. Click back on the map of DC (view) and click the Buffer icon in the tool bar (top line- farthest icon on right side--looks like a chain link!)
4. Enter the distance (in miles) you want the buffer to be. Also click YES to dissolve boundaries between buffer zones.
5. Go to VIEW-->NEW THEME...select the polygon type of theme by scrolling through the different types (Point...Polygon...Etc)
6. Name it something you will recognize! Save it in the tmp folder.
7. Back in the view, notice the theme you just created has little dashes around the name. These dashes indicate it is editable.--click on the theme to make it the active.
8. Choose EDIT--> PASTE. The Graphics that you had saved will come into the shapefile.
9. Click next on THEME--> STOP EDITING. This will turn the shapefile into grapic regions. It will ask you if you want to save the edits. click YES!!!
That's it...continue on with the activity.


NOTE: You will need to create about three different buffers for this activity. Just follow these instructions for each "buffering".