Exam Study Guide


Topics to be covered:

What is geography?
  • How do geographers think?
  • What do they look for?
Basic Types of Maps-
  • examples from each area
Choropleth Maps
  • How to make one
  • Dividing data:
    • Natural Breaks
    • Equal Steps
Global Positioning System
  • History/Background
  • Basics
Coordinate Systems
  • Latitude/longitude
  • UTM
  • Basic Map Scales for Topographic Maps
  • Representative Fraction
  • Graphic Scales (and how to make one)
  • Verbal Scale
  • Distance problems

Best study strategy:

    1. Review all Quizzes and redo problems
    2. Review all notes
    3. Review all readings
      1. Note: If something is in your readings that we did not discuss in class, it will not be covered on the exam.