The flowchart is a visual representation of the sequence of the steps you take to complete a project. It shows what comes first, second, third, etc. as well as what you did, and what happens when you did it.

A completed flowchart is a working map of your final project. It visually. organizes the steps you took to solve the problem, shows your strategies. The flowchart is not created in stone. It will probably change as you work through all of the details of your final project. Ideally you create a "rough draft" flowchart (see below) before beginning your project. Then you alter it as you progress. When finished, go back, finalize your flow chart and draw a neat version of the final process you used to complete the project.

Below are some symbols commonly used in flowcharts to use as a guideline. NOTE: This example was taken from a VIDEO PRODUCTION site. Although the concepts are similar, transform the symbols so they are applicable to ArcView projects.



First Draft Version of a flow chart


Final Version (done after completing the project)