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Recent discoveries in the science lab have isolated a potential new element currently nicknamed"Gisum". Scientists think this may be the crucial ingredient in a new energy source. But they need a special storage spot for this new element, and its sensitive nature means the site must meet strict criteria.


  1. Storage must be within 5 miles of city center in order to be easily accessed by the right number of specialists.
  2. Because the element is climate sensitive, the city must have a yearly precipitation under 20 inches, and average yearly temperature greater than 40 degrees but less than 60 degrees.
  3. City center must be within 5 miles of a major river (for fire fighting), and 25 miles of a national forest (helps ensure correct ratio of precipitation and evaporation).
  4. Storage must be within 5 miles of a rift fault. (Most likely, a nearby smaller creek will be the actual storage site).
  5. Storage cannot be closer than 25 miles of a recent earthquake exceeding 3.5 magnitude. (A more major earthquake might damage the site).
  6. As long as the storage site meets criteria 1-5, then rank any sites based on elevation. The lower the elevation, the better. [NOTE: Elevation image can be viewed HERE.

Your task is to find the best site for storing Gisum. Write the latitude and longitude of the site locations you find suitable. Prepare a FLOW CHART showing the process you used to solve this problem.