SITUATION: A freshman sits down next to you in Brady Commons. After chatting a few minutes with each other, you tell this freshman you are a geography major. The student is very interested and would like you to recommend ONE item for him/her to read which reflects what geography is all about.

What would you suggest this student read?


ASSIGNMENT: Write a one page essay explaining what you would recommend the student read-- and why.

The purpose of this assignment is to get you thinking about the discipline of geography and the courses, life experiences or other events which cause you to select this one item. Try to personalize the essay by relating any experiences, classes, projects, etc. that support your selection of this one resource.

Your essay will be graded using a Minus/Check/Plus system
---->a minus indicates unsatisfactory performance- 2 pts (Doesn't relate to the assignment-weak in content-not well organized, contains errors in diction, grammar,spelling, or punctuation.)

----> a check indicates work that meets the expectations of the assignment- 7pts (Good content, well organized-but may be difficult to follow in places, a few distracting errors in diction, grammar, spelling, or punctuation)

---->a plus indicates work that is strongly engaging and shows high-quality thinking- 10 pts (Excellent in content, well organized, engaging and insightful content, no distracting errors in diction, grammar, spelling, or punctuation)

Assignment is Due: Wednesday, January 27. Please hand in a printed copy of your essay before class begins.