Final Display Guidelines

Each display should make a unified coherent statement. materials both textual and visual should be of professional quality and be clearly legible from a distance of four feet.

Textual material should be confined to brief statements.

What to include:
Group Member Names
Short description of project
Client's name and agency

Visual graphics.. maps, imagery, sample data, samples of work

Think about how you want this visually to be tied together... will it tell a story or show a process (such as locating static water sources)....or perhaps it will identify something such as wellness tracks and show how these can improve workplace wellness. Be creative and think about innovative ways you can portray the project your team worked on.

Final Output of project...can be maps, graphics, imagery, tables...etc.

Note: I am told that a large plotter is available in Stanley hall labs. Your group might want to use this for outputting your display. Be aware that you cannot "stretch" images if you use this output. Your dpi (dots per inch) should be at least 300dpi to insure sharp graphics. Do test plots if you are going to use this option. Software options for preparing the display might be Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop...again, do a test run before you design something or you may find it won't work.  Files can run as large as 100mg when making plan ahead!


I found a number of good sites that give instructions and templates for posters by doing a google search on the terms sample + poster + session

ASSIGNMENT OF SPACE - We are in the process of clearing the bulletin board areas in the department.  We will do this within the next week.