Professional Development Plan

  • What are your areas of strength? (This is what I am good at.)
  • What are your areas of opportunity? (These are areas I want to improve. For example, I would like to be placed in an area where I can learn more about.......)

Your Professional Development Plan is based on the above information. Using the goals you have developed, write a one page professional development plan that demonstrates:

  1. What your skills and expertise are right now and
  2. What goals and objectives you have set for continual personal and professional growth.

A strategy for doing this is to first describe what it is that you know. Then follow with information about what you can do with it. For example: I know how to use a variety of computer programs to create detailed maps for publication. These maps can be used both on the internet or in print publications.

Perhaps the track you have selected for your geography major is regional and cultural. If so, what areas of the world do you feel you have more than an average amount of expertise in? Is your interest in Economic Geography? Then focus on how this background might help you in the business world. What if your minor is in computer science? Then describe how this minor might be useful to a potential employer and what you can do in the future to expand your knowledge. (Learn C++? Develop expertise developing databases?)