Statement of Work

A SOW is:

  • A document that serves as an agreement between the project team and the client
  • A document that lists the goals and objectives of the project

    What is a GOAL? Goals should be directed toward a vision and consistent with the mission of the group. Something the group wants and expects to accomplish in the future.

    What is an OBJECTIVE? Objectives are specific measurable results expected within a particular time period. Objectives are consistent with goals. An objective is a clear "milepost" along the strategically chosen path to the goal.


    Never start any work on a project without executing a SOW. Everyone should understand exactly what the project will achieve and under what conditions it will be successful. Without this document, the client will wonder what they are getting, you and your team will feel out of control, and everyone will not understand what they are doing or why.

    Make sure that your SOW plays a significant role in all meetings between you and the client. Keep referencing this document as you work through the semester. If you activities stray from the goals and objectives, you and your team needs to regroup and reorganize.

SAMPLE SOW - Written by a previous class group