Printing Your Project Posters

Last year large poster printing was available in Stanley Hall Computer Lab. Unfortunately I am told that they no longer have large format plotters for this type of printing.

I have made arrangements for your groups to print your posters in the GRC. They have a large format printer and will print your poster for $7 cash

  • Here are the specs for printing:
  • Use powerpoint to make your poster.
    Set the page size to 36 inches wide X 30 inches high.
    Use a PLAIN WHITE background
  • You can print the page at 8.5 x 11 prior to printing at poster size to see if your alignment and layout is correct. You won't be able to read the text, but this step will help you get everything laid out correctly.
  • Once you are ready to print in large format, email Matt Gerike (gerikem@missouri) to set an appointment to print. Bring cash to pay for the printing. Matt asks that you do not wait until the last moment to print.
  • Your posters must be up no later than 4pm, May 6th (Stop Day).
  • After posting your project poster, plan on joining the Geography Department for its annual end-o-year celebration! Free food.....!