Why Geography?

  • Why did you choose geography as your major?
  • What are your own values and beliefs about this discipline?
  • What do you think your role will be in geography?
  • How did you get where you are today?

These are examples of the types of questions you should strive to answer in this reflective writing assignment. Basically, what did you learn while in school? What do you think about what you did while here? Was this a good experience? Why? Questions like these get you to stop and think about what you were involved in over the past four years. Writing about these experiences and what they mean to you is reflective writing. Notice the emphasis on YOU!

TASK: Write a one-two page "reflective" piece which articulates why you chose to be a geographer. What have you learned and what are you good at--(your competence level). Because reflective writing involves personal analysis of personal experience and feelings, it is acceptable to use the "first person" – i.e. to describe what "I did" and how "I felt. However, the style should not be too informal and the tone not conversational.